Resiliency Zones Guide for Infant and Early Care Settings

Resiliency Zones create a safe space for both students and staff. They bolster infant and early childhood mental health, promote self-regulation and mindfulness and include age-appropriate calming resources. This guide was created for Early Care centers across the state of Georgia serving children ages 0-5 years old. It offers early care educators the tools and resources to develop a Resiliency Zone in their schools, daycares, early care centers, or anywhere else they see fit.
Thank you so much to Kathy Brown-Bragg (CHRIS 180 Project Director, New Generation- Infant Early Childhood Mental Health Project), Molly Lieberman (Executive Director, Loop It up Savannah), Chidinma Ohanele (Program Coordinator, Resilient Georgia) and Trasie Topple (Founder, Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Resource of Georgia) for their subject matter expertise and contribution in developing, reviewing, and editing this guide. This work was funded as part of a Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning (DECAL) Preschool Developmental Renewal Grant awarded to Resilient Georgia (please see publication for additional grant details).