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Your Resource for ACES Prevention and Georgia Resiliency
  • Cameron Bates

Resilient Georgia Sector Highlight: Imagining Trauma-Informed Law Enforcement

After a year of heavy police scrutiny, resignations and burnout rates in police departments have risen exponentially. In addition to being a cultural response to notable inequities in policing, these changes may represent a mixture of pandemic-induced stress and mental health issues for officers such as PTSD, anxiety, and depression, as well as suicide risk. In some cases, officers - in this case a dispatcher - are able to navigate the high-risk scenarios they face with bravery and efficiency. Despite a number of apparent successes, the inherent trauma of this work often severely impacts both the officers and the civilians involved in these dangerous and fast-paced situations. This article describes the modern challenges law enforcement are facing and discusses the need for more mental health resources for the community along with the officers, with the hope being that these services can result in a more effective and equitable law enforcement system.



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