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  • Cameron Bates

Teen Mental Health - Resilient Georgia General Meeting

Resilient Georgia is excited to share information and resources from our June General Meeting on Teen Mental Health, where we brought together experts and advocates in the Georgia behavioral health space to discuss their work around adolescent well-being.

Teenagers can be hard to decipher at times, but one point is clear: teens need large amounts of support to overcome the staggering odds of having mental illness. With rates of teen mental illness already higher than the adult population and continuing to rise in the wake of the turbulent COVID-19 pandemic, our duty to provide preventative, effective care has never been more urgent. In addition to improving quality of life for teens, addressing early symptoms of mental illness may help prevent larger issues down the line such as serious health complications, incarceration, and suicide. It’s imperative that we tackle this issue, yet it can be challenging to know the best way to help.



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