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Regional Partners

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Round Four

Jeff Smythe

Atlanta Regional Collaborative for Health Improvement

Supporting: Dekalb, Fulton

Jeffrey M. Smythe is the Executive Director of ARCHI (the Atlanta Regional Collaborative for Health Improvement).  ARCHI collaborates to solve health inequities in metro Atlanta and invert the burden off of the vulnerable individual in health distress, engaging a broad network of partners to sustainably change the system.
He has dedicated his career to the alleviation of human suffering, poverty, isolation, and inequities and to organizations that make a transformative impact in such areas. During his nearly 30 years of nonprofit leadership, his work has ranged from housing, homeless and hunger alleviation to aging services, from HIV services to international development, from refugee and foster family support to youth development and mental health.
In his most recent leadership role with HOPE Atlanta, Jeff led an unsheltered-to-hotel-to-housed triage case management process in partnership with ARCHI, Partners for HOME and other partners, that successfully and permanently housed more than 500 individuals amidst the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. He also led the securing of the highly coveted Bezos Day One Fund grant ($2.5M) in recognition of the organization’s impact and innovation around family homelessness solutions.

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