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Regional Coalition: Aligning Community Systems for Resilience Initiative (ACSRI)

Mission & Broad Goals

The Aligning Community Systems for Resilience Initiative (ACSRI) is a partnership between the Georgia Campaign for Adolescent Power & Potential (GCAPP), which works to build a more equitable and healthy generation of young people, and Community Health Solutions (CHS), a public health and social innovation consulting firm that works to address complex health and social issues in marginalized communities. ACSRI focuses its efforts on authentically engaging stakeholders from various sectors of the Clayton County community using culturally tailored tools and strategies to raise awareness of (and prevent) Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). 
They believe through honest dialogue, awareness campaigns, training and education, communities will become stronger and more resilient

ACSRI utilizes a multi-dimensional strategy to engage all sectors of the Clayton County community in the development of a trauma-responsive community ecosystem through:

  • Creating community awareness and understanding of ACEs and their impact

  • Developing and promulgating consistent trauma-informed care and evidence-based prevention strategies across Clayton County 

  • Engaging minoritized communities through intentional empowerment and celebrating their inherent resilience 

  • Engaging the judicial system and faith-based community to offer trauma-informed training and identify prevention strategies 

  • Collaborating with leaders and grassroots stakeholders to identify tailored prevention and remediation strategies that respond to the needs of their community as they evolve 



Coalition Resource

ACSRI: Regional Child and Family Behavioral Health Resource Guide

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