Regional Coalition: Aligning Community Systems for Resilience Initiative (ACSRI)

Mission & Broad Goals

The Aligning Community Systems for Resilience Initiative (ACSRI) is a multi-dimensional strategy designed to engage all sectors of the Clayton County community in the development of a trauma responsive community ecosystem.

A trauma responsive community is defined as a community in which:

  • All community stakeholders are aware of the impact of ACEs on health and wellness

  • Trauma Informed Care is a normative practice in all sectors

  • Evidence based/evidence informed ACE prevention strategies are embedded within the community and in all sectors

  • Responsive systems of support grounded in culturally responsive developmental relationships exist (and are easily accessed) throughout the community

  • Voice and agency are given to community stakeholders who model resilience and "overcoming"

  • Sector leaders and grassroots stakeholders work collaboratively to identify tailored prevention and remediation strategies that respond to the needs of their community as they evolve

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Learn more about the United Way of Southwest Georgia ACEs prevention and trauma informed efforts. 


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