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Learning Cards

Below are definitions for six key terms used to talk about behavioral health and why they matter. These six Learning Cards that can be downloaded to help educate caregivers, care providers and others.


ACES are traumatic experiences that occur before the age of 18


A child’s brain grows rapidly before they are even born and in early childhood.


Positive Childhood Experiences are activities that improve a child's life, resulting in positive outcomes.


Toxic stress is long-term exposure to high levels of stress


Resilience is the ability to overcome adversity.


Trauma-informed is an approach defined by treating the whole person.

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Our toolbox is filled with information, educational materials, facts and resources to promote public education of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and support resiliency.

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We compiled resources from public and private efforts that support resiliency for all persons aged 0-26 and their families.

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Resilient Georgia Reports & Briefs

Read our analysis and recommendations to better understand the ACEs prevention and trauma-informed behavioral health landscape for children and families.

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We've compiled trainings for every sector of society to aid in the implementation of a trauma-informed approach in your organization.

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Learn from the experts on resiliency, ACEs, brain development and more.