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Our Vision

Every child and young adult in Georgia will have access to high-quality, integrated behavioral health services and support, empowered by a statewide network of trauma-informed organizations working together to prevent and heal childhood adversity.

Our Mission

We Are Building A Resilient Georgia.

Our Mission

To lead a state-wide coalition to develop a closely-aligned and trauma-informed public and private network working toward a united vision to create a birth through 26 year old integrated behavioral health system. Key components to be implemented by our partners include prevention, early intervention, research, advocacy and policy, and System of Care implementation and coordination. 


We're on a mission to create a more resilient Georgia. We need your help to make it happen.

Strategic Map


We are building a statewide coalition of trauma-informed organizations by convening diverse private and public partners to build a stronger, more resilient Georgia. Our 5-pronged approach aims to:

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Promote coordinated, trauma-informed practices


Advance workforce


Build awareness and a common language around adversity and resilience


Advocate for policy and system change


Expand Equitable Access

Our Committees

& Awareness

& Training

Technology & Telehealth


Year in Review

Annual Report

We are building a statewide coalition of trauma-informed organizations by convening child-facing providers to build a stronger, more resilient Georgia.

In April 2019, we hosted our first Resilient Georgia two-day Strategic Planning Meeting and developed a strategic map for our first three years (2019 to 2022). Sustaining our organization and movement statewide was a key priority in our 2019-
2022 Strategic Map. It remains so in our 2023-2025 Strategic Map
, which we refreshed in late 2022. Read our 2019-2020, 2020-2021, and 2022-2023 reports to see our progress and how we are making an impact statewide.

To learn more about our regional impact, please read the annual reports posted on our regional coalition webpages.

Read the full report to see our progress and how we are making an impact >>

Regional Coalitions

Resilient Georgia, in partnership with the Pittulloch Foundation, provides ACEs prevention education in 16 regions of Georgia and ensures urban and rural communities statewide have access to resources.

  1. Resilient Northeast Georgia 

  2. Resilient Communities of East Georgia

  3. Resilient Coastal Georgia

  4. Resilient Middle Georgia

  5. Resilient Chattahoochee Valley

  6. Resilient Southwest Georgia (Thomasville)

  7. Building a Region of Resilience NWGA

  8. Resilient Southwest Georgia (Albany)

  9. Aligning Community Systems for Resilience Initiative

  10. Cobb Collaborative

  11. Resilient & United Communities of South Georgia

  12. Resilient Gwinnett

  13. Atlanta Regional Collaborative for Health Improvement

  14. Resilient Communities of Southeast Georgia

  15. Resilient North Georgia

  16. Waycross Area Resilient Georgia Partnership

Crowd Cheering

Building healthy communities in Georgia.

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