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Cobb Collaborative

Mission & Broad Goals

The Cobb Collaborative seeks to make Cobb County a place where community sector leaders and care providers (1) understand that trauma exists, (2) acknowledge its effects on children and families, (3) understand that trauma can have lasting impacts, and (4) learn that trauma can be prevented and resiliency can be built at the individual and community level.

The three main goals of the Cobb Collaborative include:

  • Increase awareness and cultivate a shared language and understanding of trauma, adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), and the role of safe, stable and nurturing environments.

  • Improve the trauma-informed capabilities of providers, families, and community members by equipping them with the training necessary to improve outcomes for the children they serve.

  • Empower advocates to address long-standing issues of healthcare equity, systemic racism, and social justice and have agencies embed practices and protocols into the implementation of their work and strategies.

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