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Landscape of ACEs-related data from national surveys in the United States

The ACES blog just posted our latest news on the 8 regional coalitions.

Compiling data sources of ACEs statistics is critical to identify gaps in ACEs research in the US and Georgia. There is a lack of consistent data on ACE statistics. Resilient Georgia is an Atlanta-based organization that works towards creating an integrated behavioral health system by streamlining public and private efforts and resources to enhance trauma informed care through research, policy, and practice in Georgia. University of Georgia (UGA), College of Public Health Ph.D. student Kiran Thapa under the direct supervision of Drs. Janani Thapa and Emily Anne Vall assimilated available data sources and summarized quality dimensions from the most current datasets or surveys that collect information on ACEs. This data collection will allow organizations committed to eradicate ACEs to identify available data on ACE, gaps in ACE data in the US and Georgia and aid the organization in the development of performance metrics for the organization to monitor over time.

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