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  • Cameron Bates

Sector Highlight: Healthcare Providers

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Sector Highlight: Healthcare Providers

We are all aware of the pressure and stress that healthcare workers have faced during the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to the rising risk for general work burnout, increased levels of second-hand trauma have taken a toll on healthcare providers, creating a significant uptick in mental health symptoms. Burnout has an obvious cost - for both providers and patients - but answers to solving increased burnout are always not so clear cut. Solutions for burnout often involve changing the work system - which requires time, resources, and planning. Recently, however, some organizations have been working to create short-term resources that support healthcare workers efficiently and effectively.

Studio Elsewhere is one organization that is creating a “serene oasis for healthcare workers” to de-stress, re-charge, and regulate during breaks from the clinic. Studio Elsewhere self-describes as a design and technology studio creating resilient environments which target the effects stress can have on cognitive performance. Their “re-charge rooms” feature immersive sensory experiences that mimic several relaxing natural environments. They were commissioned by the Mount Sinai hospital system during the pandemic to create areas where workers could take a quick break before returning to the stress of their work environment. A clinical study found that even a single 15-minute session in a re-charge room was able to significantly reduce the negative effects healthcare workers were previously facing.

Being able to regulate stress means reducing risk for the serious impact of long-term burnout. We applaud efforts being made to support healthcare workers in this intense period of pressure. If you’re a healthcare worker, we encourage you to check your risk for burnout with the free, evidence-based Mayo Clinic Well being Index survey. We also recommend checking out this guide for combatting symptoms of healthcare burnout through building resilience.

To learn more about how to incorporate a trauma-informed framework into a range of institutions, take a look at our training roadmap, which offers sector-specific trainings and resources for your convenience.



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