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  • Cameron Bates

Sector Highlight: Supporting Caregivers in Georgia

Being a caregiver can be a beautiful and rewarding experience for many individuals. However, research is revealing that the well-being of caregivers seems to be generally worsening, especially throughout the pandemic. Many women caregivers feel that the combination of their professional work and providing children with safety and supervision has inhibited their own practices of self-care. Parenting during the pandemic continues to be a daily struggle where strategies for resilience may feel difficult, even though they do exist. Thankfully, Mental Health America has curated this page of helpful caregiver resources for the pandemic and beyond. Additionally, The Rosalyn Carter Institute’s programs are providing support for unpaid as well as professional caregivers through multiple session programs aimed at solution-oriented connection and coping skills.

The year’s earlier promise of a return to school free from COVID-19 has dissipated, leaving many caregivers and children confused, scared, and grasping for safety. Breakthrough infections for vaccinated, as well as cases in children, are consistently disrupting normal school functioning for many families. In addition, mental health continues to be a huge point of concern for many children re-entering into social lives at school. In response to all of these issues, Greater Than COVID has created this awesome video resource page to answer different questions around how to keep children as safe as possible this year. We hope that these articles and resources help foster a sense of connectedness and support for caregivers who may feel incredibly isolated and discouraged at this time. At Resilient Georgia, we recognize and applaud your efforts to keep your children safe throughout their development.

To learn more about how to incorporate a trauma-informed framework into a range of institutions, take a look at our training roadmap, which offers sector specific trainings and resources for your convenience.

ABOUT US: Resilient Georgia is a statewide coalition of more than 100 partners and 600 stakeholders committed to building a stronger, more resilient Georgia. Through a network of public and private partners, Resilient Georgia is creating a pipeline of trauma-informed behavioral health services and resources that support child and family wellness. This integrated system includes prevention, early intervention, research, advocacy and policy, and System of Care implementation and coordination. For more information about our work, check out the Resilient Georgia website. You can also find us on social media: @resilientgeorgia on Instagram and @resilientga on Facebook.



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