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Regional Coalition: Resilient Middle Georgia

Mission & Broad Goals

Resilient Middle Georgia partners with community organizations and agencies to enact long-term change and build resilience in individuals, families, and the community. With 122 diverse partners across 11 counties, the coalition focuses on building awareness of trauma-informed care to inspire long-term healing, build resilience, and empower community champions to join the trauma-informed care movement. Resilient Middle Georgia seeks to empower the cities and counties in Middle Georgia to face adversity and trauma with empathy and bravery.

Resilient Middle Georgia has listed the following goals to build a resilient community: 

  • Informing individuals, families, and communities about Positive and Adverse Childhood Experiences (PACEs) science to empower change from within the community and supporting sustainable long-term change. 

  • Building community capacity to meet the needs and developing a stronger trauma-informed workforce to expand quality care and reduce workforce burnout in social service areas.

  • Supporting organizational leaders and coalition partners to implement trauma-informed and PACEs practices into their organizational structure to more effectively engage, empathize, and understand their target populations. 

  • Facilitating and promoting various leadership training opportunities and evaluating continuously.

  • Embedding trauma-informed practices into organizations to achieve a systems-level change.

  • Strengthening leadership team to identify metrics, measure, and track the progress of trauma-informed initiatives. 

Coalition Geographic Service Area:

Baldwin, Bibb, Crawford, Houston, Jones, Monroe, Peach, Pulaski, Putnam, Twiggs, Wilkinson



Coalition Resource

Middle Georgia: Regional Child and Family Behavioral Health Resource Guide

Coalition Partners

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