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Regional Coalition: Waycross Area Resilient Georgia Partnership

Mission & Broad Goals

Waycross Area Resilient Georgia's goal is to create a community response through cross-sectored partnerships throughout six counties to provide a trauma-informed response to Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). The coalition understands the importance of providing mental health and suicide prevention training and resources in rural regions to promote resiliency in the surrounding community. The Partnership is empowering victims of family violence through advocacy, building community connections, and providing safe and hopeful environments that promote economic and family stability through the following: 

  • Partnering with the Family Justice Center, judicial sectors, law enforcement officers, parents, and school systems

  • Addressing substance abuse effects on families through prevention and awareness trainings 

  • Developing programming in schools to prevent and address suicide through trainings with the Waycross police department

  • Offering behavioral health services to sexually exploited children and children who have been exposed to other violence such as Domestic Violence, abuse, and neglect 

  • Providing a trauma-informed approach to families for raising healthy children in safe, stable, nurturing environments 

  • Educating and engaging community members, raising awareness of intergenerational ACEs 

Coalition Geographic Service Area:

Bacon, Brantley, Charlton, Coffee, Pierce, Ware

Ways To Connect

Learn more about Waycross Area Resilient Georgia coalition’s ACEs prevention and trauma informed efforts. 

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