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Your Resource for ACES Prevention and Georgia Resiliency
  • Writer's pictureNeha Khanna

Resilient Georgia Brief: The Case for ACEs Prevention

As the pandemic drags on and calls for racial justice echo all around us, Resilient Georgia is dedicated to healing adversity and promoting resilience in children and families through the prevention and early intervention of Adverse Childhood Events (ACEs) and sharing best practices to support Georgia’s System-of-Care implementation and coordination. We believe education and prevention are key to creating population level change across the state. We all have a role to play in providing better futures for children. In our latest brief, we make a compelling evidence-based 'Case for ACEs Prevention' and an urgent call to action to invest in building resilience now – early intervention is more effective, less expensive, and imperative to averting the next pandemic: mental and behavioral health.

Resilient Georgia’s mission is to lead a state-wide coalition to develop a closely aligned and trauma-informed public and private network working toward a united vision to create a birth through 26-year-old integrated behavioral health system. Key components to be implemented by our partners include prevention, early intervention, research, advocacy and policy, and System of Care implementation and coordination. We pride ourselves on connecting and convening stakeholders, to remove barriers and forge innovative partnerships in support of resiliency for all Georgians between the ages of 0 and 26, as well as their families.



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