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April 18, 2024



April 18th General Meeting

Georgians’ experiences with food systems are diverse and complex. For many, it's healing and meaningful, fostering resilience through farming, culture, and environmental care. It can also be painful when facing food apartheid or struggling with disordered eating. Recognizing and learning about the many intersections of food, nutrition and mental health is crucial for resilience. By fostering a compassionate space that acknowledges the diverse and sometimes conflicting relationships people have with food, we can collectively work towards a resilient future that nourishes everyone.

In case you missed our General Meeting, check out the recording link here!

General Meeting Agenda

General Meeting Slides

General Meeting Follow Up Document Coming Soon


  • Lily Baucom, Executive Director, Georgia Foundation for Agriculture

  • Dr. Deidre Grim, PhD, MPA, MPP, MURP, Executive Director, Forsyth Farmers Market 

  • Joy Goetz, Nutrition and Wellness Program Manager, Atlanta Community Food Bank

  • Kelsey Pocock, Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP), Childrens Healthcare of Atlanta

  • Tiffany Terrell, Co-Owner, A Better Way Grocers

  • Emily Anne Vall, PhD, Executive Director, Resilient Georgia

  • Audrey Idaikkadar, Regional Program Director, Resilient Georgia

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These follow-up documents include a wealth of topical state and national resources shared by our partners.

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August 2022 Meeting

Rounds 1 and 3 Regional Coalition Showcase (also includes visual representations of attendees’ childhood heroes and visions for the future)

December 2022 Meeting

Rounds 2 and 4 Regional Coalition Showcase (also includes visual representations of attendees' favorite places to visit in Georgia and self-care activities to combat compassion fatigue)

April 2023 Meeting

Trauma Informed Innovations in Healthcare (also includes ‘chalkboard’ image with sources of daily joy shared by attendees)

November 2023 Meeting

Uniting Physical and Mental Well-Being (also includes a word cloud of all attendees' favorite physical activities and how they make them feel)

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