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Professional Development for

Early Care

In January of 2023, Resilient Georgia and Center for Interrelational Science and Pediatrics (CISP) received a Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning Community Transformation Grant to develop and launch an Infant and Early Childhood Professional Development Course and Guidebook

• The course features the latest science on child development during the first five years and incorporates the Community Resiliency Model (CRM) as a practical, trauma-informed wellness intervention

• Free for Georgia early childhood education centers, this course includes live CRM workshops with skills practice and self-guided modules all with DECAL Approved Training Hours

• Interested in enrolling?

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"It was COMPLETELY amazing to learn ways to identify how emotions land on our bodies and how to exercise calmness. [The CRM Workshop] is a training EVERYONE should attend... you won't regret it! ❤"

- Course Participant

Course Description


Live CRM Workshops


Self-Guided Modules

  • Wellness for Early Childhood Professionals includes 13 lessons that cover self-determination theory, self-care, and research on the Community Resiliency Model (1 DECAL Approved Training Hour)

  • Theoretical Framework supports learners in gaining a foundational understanding of scientific theories and concepts that inform social-emotional development and infant and early childhood mental health from birth to five years of age (2 DECAL Approved Training Hours)

  • Trauma and Memory explores implicit and explicit memory, memory capsules and adverse childhood experiences, positive childhood experiences and the influence of culture (2 DECAL Approved Training Hours)

  • The Brain and Autonomic Nervous System supports learners in gaining knowledge about the 3-part simplified brain - the Survival Brain, the Emotional Brain, and the Thinking Brain and the role of the autonomic nervous system (1 DECAL Approved Training Hour)

  • Promoting Healthy Relationships at Home and in the Classroom covers the science behind emotional connection and how our social and relational environment can contribute to healthy relationships across the lifespan (1.5 DECAL Approved Training Hour)

  • Introducción al Modelo de Resiliencia Comunitaria -Español Conozca las habilidades de bienestar del Modelo de Resiliencia Comunitaria y cómo estas habilidades podrían ser útiles para los profesionales y para apoyar a los niños pequeños. (1 DECAL Approved Training Hour)


CRM Forum for Georgia Professionals

  • A social networking platform for early care educators to connect with each other and other community advocates. This forum is a space to discuss how to use CRM wellness skills for self-care, to support children birth to five, or with colleagues.


Infant & Early Childhood Professional Development Guidebook

  • Not sure where to begin? Use our interactive guidebook to help you find the right courses to take and wellness skills to learn. 



CRM for Early Care Resources

The project described is supported by the Community Transformation Grant (CTG), Grant Number 469-G23-921-RGAI-014, from Federal Funds awarded to the State of Georgia and to the Department of Early Care and Learning (DECAL) by the American Rescue Plan (ARP) Act. The contents of the course will solely be the responsibility of the authors and does not necessarily represent the official views of DECAL, the Granting Federal Agency or the U.S. Government.

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